First post, the past

Gosh a blog, an actual blog.

I have a several other incarnations on the web, most of them photographic as well as the standard twitteryness – you can find them on my page or on the links down the side.

I’m an intranet and digital workplace consultant and I have many colleagues doing valiant work tweeting what’s what in that world, but I find myself stuck for words in the medium. 160 characters minus @s and #s is, let’s face it, somewhat reductive, and I wanted somewhere to expand on things in a more expansive style. It might be useful, it will probably be waffle, but I’d like pen on paper to feel as free and easy as taking photos feels to me, and to do that I must do.

About the name: Abodat (or more authentically “AAA-BOOO-DAAAAT”) is what my oldest son used to say as he pretended to be a robot – finding the idea hilarious and implicitly malevolent at the same time. It struck me that in the world of work we like to pretend to be robots, and in the business of bringing technology to others, particularly within organisations we like to pretend that others are robots. I think we find it easy to fail to see the big picture of that as we scurry to implement the latest stuff.

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