Definition of colophon
There follows a rolling up of sleeves. If I’m going to do this properly there are a few things that must be made straight, to myself. So perversely I shall write the colophon, and let us smirk at the derivation of finishing touch when this is the beginning and I have already achieved so little.

1. Environment

I like to write using Scrivener. This is already a lie as I hate to write. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the fluidity of it when it comes, but the gut wrenching self reflexive post-writing doubt that you’ve put your name against something so poor? No one likes that.
But I do love Scrivener and I have used it for scripts, research papers and blog type writing, and once you get past the separation of creation and output, the flexibility of the non-linear is enchanting. So I have set up a Scrivener project called Blogposts.scriv and I have some folders: Ideas; archive and dead. The current post gets written in the main part of the project using MultiMarkdown, so it is easy to compile it into HTML from there.
Then, to continue the theme of preventing writing using distracting techniques I have an AppleScript on a watched folder that puts the HTML into the clipboard and then opens a new post in WordPress ready to go. Paste in the HTML and it can be fettled in WordPress from then on in.

2. Objective

I like to take photos. It came suddenly and I was overwhelmed about how clean and simple it felt. I was rubbish for a few months and then, and I am positive about this, something changed in my brain and I saw things in different ways. I blogged for Londonist about it. That success fed back into my learning and it moved me onwards. I want to have the same fluidity of expression when writing. Note I said, “when writing” and not “as a writer”. I have as little inclination to become a writer as I do a photographer, but I desperately want to be able to write well, like I want to be able to take a good photograph. As instructions manuals I have:

3. Subject

Ah. Now we come to it. I, like you, spend much of my paid day writing already. I sometimes enjoy it, but they aren’t really my words, and I remain as professionally interested in my topic as ever (the water’s cold, but lovely once you’re in), but in terms of topics it is well represented already by people who are doing a great job of enjoying the cold water, but in terms of topics they are not ones that I feel my fingers will begin to fly because for me they are so well trodden. I am determined that if I have something to share I can do it here, but it won’t be the blog’s purpose.
So, what’s got my attention right now:

  • The views expressed by Jaron Lanier that we may have made a terrible mistake in letting the web give it all away for free and the power flowing away to the owners of the networks.
  • The ideas rendered down by Adam Curtis in “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” surrounding cybernetics, self forming networks and that many of the principles that have been clutched to chests in the world of social media may not be based in reality.
  • The attention economy and the amount of our time we will need to spend prodding social networks to survive
  • I am entertained (and so follows the name of the blog) when people and organisations think that people will behave like robots. I am appalled when repeatedly people actually do.
  • I am interested in the large scale social changes that are going on within organisations and what that means for management, for individuals and for society at large.
  • I am interested in the trade-offs that people are willing to make, are able to to make, to balance their work with their lives.
  • I want to know how tasks move through organisations and why task systems never work;
  • and I am fascinated about what tools and practices organisations retain out of habit and what will be the implications of the fallout when people finally notice.

I have means, motive and opportunity. Apparently. Talent and time? We’ll see eh?


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