Tubb elsewhere: BYOD and Tubbfoto

Over at DWF there’s a blog wot-I-wrote about Bring-Your-Own-Device with the viewpoint of employee’s motivation to do so: “What’s my motivation? A mental model for BYOD”

I’ve been meaning to start using mental models in the DW space for a while now, and the opportunity presented itself. The digital workplace world is rather wrapped up, well, the IT-of-it-all. Everything seems to be reduced to matters of security, cost or risk, so it’s a nice kung-fu move to the collective head to start thinking in terms of individual’s desires. Mother’s milk to the web and user experience crowd, hopefully refreshingly crisp a level up. I once said to a senior IT guy when discussing this sort of thing: “I think you’re missing the small picture.”

I also reflect on the fact that bring-your-own-tech ain’t new:

“Firstly this isn’t a new practice. There have always been those who would prefer a certain type of pen, or a certain notebook rather than taking what was available in the stationery cupboard. In 1996, I used to bring in headphones so I could listen to CDs using my CD-ROM drive. In 1998 I used to get a lift into the office from a friend-of-a-friend. I looked in the back seat and there was a huge tower PC in the back seat. My ride was bringing his personal computer into where he worked to crunch numbers in a spreadsheet because his work computer couldn’t cope.”

Big ups to Al, wherever he ended up (I hope it wasn’t Aztec West), and I hope his PC now copes.

On totally non-intranet and digital workplace matters I also refreshed my photo site and instituted another blog for me to ignore over at Tubbfoto. Please feel free to come in and browse. No cost to look.

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