Tubb elsewhere: BYOD and the mythical digital workplace manager

The part two on my bring-your-own-device mental model series is up on the DWF blog. This time I look at what the motivations for BYOD are for the digital workplace managers.

So before you, as a manager of the digital workplace in your organization, say let them eat BYOD, consider your own motivations. Are there better reasons? Maybe this is the end of IT and telecoms as we know it, but you’d better be sure before the rules are changed. Personally I find it disconcerting that organizations, in this time of abject revolution, might hang their hopes of enterprise mobility on the whims of their employees. BYOD is a useful tool to sate the geeks and as a test bed for novel technology, but if you want a truly mobile workforce with the information and tools they need, wherever they are: Pay up.

Digital Workplace Manager is a mythical beast that may or may not exist, but as this all gets munged together over the next few years I think the world will inexorably slide towards the idea of Digital Workplace as a concept rather than IT as we know it today. Consumer technology is now the driver as IT settles back to broadly deal with legacy and risk. And they used to bring us magic.

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