When my eldest son was little he was amused at the notions of Robots. He would cry “A-Bo-Dat” in a dalek voice thinking the idea of an automaton both hilarious and implicitly malevolent.

Technology is now part of our humanity. Our gadgets become inseparable from our culture, but we treat them like we could put them back in their boxes whenever we want to.

We create systems and put human beings into those systems as components: it is a bias and a temptation. We rationalise with ourselves that they will dance the rational dance we have set them.

At the same time we sit on the edge of the abyss where guys-with-good-maths think they can create algorithms smart enough to replace humans.

Can we find the resolve to be human, and to design our organisations to be staffed with humans and not robots? Or are we happy to be robots at work if we can be more human at home.

This is my personal blog but I am also <disclaimer>paid to blog over at the IBF and DWF blogs</disclaimer>. A man’s gotta work.

More intranet specific stuff appears in my collaboration with Steve Bynghall at intranetdirections.com where we are looking sideways at intranet strategy and tactics.

Everything that I’ve written here is © Chris Tubb 2011-2013 All Rights Reserved No Reproduction Without Permission (but I will dance for pennies).

If you want something for free go to my Flickr where everything is CC-ND-NC.

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